Swenco Limited

560 Conestogo Road
Waterloo, ON, Canada N2L 4E3



Swenco Limited®, the parent company of Steel-Flex®, has been a trusted supplier to the safety footwear industry for almost 50 years.

As North America’s largest manufacturer of OEM safety footwear components, we continue to provide the industry with unique and innovative solutions while maintaining the highest level of service.

At Swenco Limited®, we fully believe that safety products should be 3 things: easy-to-use, comfortable and fully protective.  This is the mandate behind our ever growing line of Steel-Flex® PPE products.  For instance, you can easily wear your Steel-Flex® Puncture Resistant Insoles comfortably and continuously throughout the day or when additional protection is required.

Our Steel Toe Overshoes were the first in the industry to be ambidextrous eliminating the hassle of having to look for the right and left foot.  They were also the first to be designed from the safety toe out meaning we designed the safety aspect first and built the overshoe around it rather than existing products that look like your grandpa’s old galosh.

We realize that innovation can come from all parts of the world and we aren’t shy about partnering with exciting new companies who follow the same ideals as our Steel-Flex® brand.  This is what lead to our partnership with Redbacks Cushioning from the UK…they are changing the world with their leafspring knee suspension technology and we are happy to work with them to bring that to our North American customers.