FloorGuardz™ Reusable Overshoes

FloorGuardz™ Reusable Overshoes


FloorGuardz™ by Steel-Flex®, North America’s reusable neoprene overshoes are the perfect solution to ensure your customers’ floors stay clean and you save time/money on cleanup.

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Are you are a professional going in and out of customer’s homes all day?

Do you want to show your customers that you care and respect their property?

Are you concerned that taking off your footwear leaves you and your workers unprotected and at risk of injury?

Are you tired of constantly buying disposable overshoes?

Let us introduce you to the FloorGuardz™ Reusable Overshoes by Steel-Flex®. They help workers go about their duties without the worry of creating a mess in your customer’s house or risking injury from removing their safety footwear.

FloorGuardz™ Reusable Overshoes by Steel-Flex® are the only ambidextrous (no lefts or rights) re-usable overshoes in the world allowing workers to easily slip a pair over heavy work boots, work shoes or regular light duty footwear.

"Waterproof from the inside-out"

"Waterproof from the inside-out"

There are many compelling reasons why our FloorGuardz™ Reusable Overshoes by Steel-Flex® are an ideal addition to your workers' toolboxes: 

  • Carabiner ensures they remain together and are easy to find
  • Unique Steel-Flex® ambidextrous design so you aren’t looking for a left or right foot
  • Easy to clean – even on the job site – just hose them off and hang to dry
  • The environmentally friendly choice – Don’t use disposables, REUSE FloorGuardz™!
  • Keep FloorGuardz™ handy in your vehicle
  • Thick neoprene sole prevents small stones and grit in the treads of boots from scratching surfaces
  • Waterproof from the inside out (Blind-Stitched, Glued and Seam Sealed)
  • Embossed Neoprene Rubber sole for extra grip on hardwood and tile
  • Easy to pull-on over heavy work boots, work shoes or regular light duty footwear
  • Durable, Lightweight, Easy to store
  • Washed by Hand using lukewarm water and soap
  • Available in Medium, Large and Extra Large
  • Integral pull loop for ease of getting on and off